EQ: Mix Buss EQ

EQ is your most powerful tool to give your mix clarity, depth, and excitement.
So how you use it will greatly affect the outcome of your mix.
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EQ: Mix Buss EQ

Post by FreakyBlue » Thu Oct 18, 2018 6:28 pm

Make your mix sound better faster, and with fewer plugins, all by starting with a simple EQ plugin on the master fader (mix buss). Think like a mastering engineer and do super subtle boosts and cuts (around 1-1.5db).

Open up the top end, clear out some low mid build up, bring out the upper mids for the vocals, beef up the low end, all with a few notch EQ moves. Be sure to level match the output and switch the EQ plugin on and off to make sure it's helping and not hurting the mix.

TIP: be sure to bring in a professional mix of your choice to reference at the beginning of your mix while doing this mix buss EQ. Take note of how the top end of your reference sounds, as well as the bottom end, lead vocal, kick and snare. Then use subtle mix buss EQ moves (1-1.5db increments) to bring your fresh mix closer to the ballpark of the reference.
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