EQ: additive EQ

EQ is your most powerful tool to give your mix clarity, depth, and excitement.
So how you use it will greatly affect the outcome of your mix.
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EQ: additive EQ

Post by FreakyBlue » Thu Oct 18, 2018 6:21 pm

Use additive EQ to enhance what’s good about a track, not dramatically change the sound of a track.
 When doing additive EQ, you typically want a wider bandwidth to have a more natural boost.

The 3db Chunk Rule:
EQ boosts have a cumulative effect so first try boosting a frequency by just 3db. If that is not enough, go up in 3db increments so try 6db.
 If you are applying EQ on an entire mix (affecting all tracks), use even smaller increases such as 1.5db as they will have a large cumulative effect when applied to all of the tracks in your mix.

TIP: just like when finding bad frequencies, a great way to find good frequencies is to put in a large boost, tighten up the bandwidth and sweep it across the frequency line until you hear some sweet spots.

Example: You might find that a boost in the 100HZ range on a bass guitar, makes the bass sound thicker and fuller.

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