EQ: Subtractive EQ

EQ is your most powerful tool to give your mix clarity, depth, and excitement.
So how you use it will greatly affect the outcome of your mix.
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EQ: Subtractive EQ

Post by FreakyBlue » Thu Oct 18, 2018 6:16 pm

Subtractive EQ-ing removes “bad” or unnecessary frequencies from a track to free up headroom and make the “good” in your track stand out more.
 When doing subtractive EQ, you typically want a narrower or “tighter” bandwidth to only affect the bad frequencies you want to reduce (except for low cut filters).

TIP: a great way to find bad frequencies is to put in a really large boost, tighten it up by having a narrow bandwidth and move it along the frequency line until you hear some unpleasant/harsh sounding frequencies.

  1. Example 1: You might put a low cut filter at 95Hz on your vocals as you can’t hear the frequencies below 95Hz anyway however you free up those frequencies for your bass and drums.

  2. Example 2: You might find that at 328Hz, there’s a harsh distortion on your vocals, so by cutting this frequency by 3 or 6 db, you eliminate this unpleasant sounding frequency.

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